Finally, Zion

I have a love-hate relationship with Zion. I fell in love at the park entrance.


Though I had already seen more red and white rock on this trip than I’d seen in my entire life, I wasn’t ready for the views that greeted us before we even reached the long tunnel that leads into the main part of the park.


The views were so fabulous I couldn’t decide what to focus on.


It was hard to miss a great shot no matter how you chose to frame them. This was one of my favorites, though, reminding me of bonsai.


These Bighorn Sheep near the park entrance certainly caught my attention, too.


I wanted to take a lot more shots, but I had to stop in the middle of the road just to get this shot, and there wasn’t a place to pull off the road for a half mile or so.

Unfortunately, the park seemed like a textbook case of people loving a place to death. We ended up camping outside the park and walking to the park entrance where we had to wait for three shuttles before visiting the main part of the park. I had to work hard to get a shot of anything under than mountain peaks that didn’t include dozens of people.

3 thoughts on “Finally, Zion”

  1. I understand your love-hate relationship, as it’s a similar situation at Canada’s mountain national parks. While I’m glad that people want to see the parks, the crowds do make it difficult to appreciate the natural environment. At least you were able to get some good photos.

    1. Didn’t want to hear that about Canadian parks, Heather, since I’m hoping to start getting up to those in the near future.

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