Birding with Jen and the Kids

Although I went birding with Logan two other days, we only got to spend one day birding with Jen and the kids. Jen picked a refuge that looked like it had great potential, but the “wetlands” weren’t wet and there weren’t many birds.

Just as we were about to give up, Jen noticed a White Pelican


fly by, and, being a big Pelican fan, she decided we should drive down to the other end of the lake and see if we could get some better shots.

I had my doubts, thinking they would probably fly off when the five of us showed up, but I was wrong. We did get some nice shots of them.


Although I didn’t remember to get one of Logan’s shots, Sidney and Zoe wanted to use my camera so I let them take most of the shots. Though neither was interested enough to look through the shots on my computer back at home and identify which they took, these last two shots were taken by one or the other.

Some of the closest Pelicans did take off as we watched them,


but a larger group ignored us and went about herding fish together so they could catch them easier.


Once again, all it took was “one good bird” to make for a fun day.