Magpies and Doves

Though we spent longer in Broomfield Colorado visiting Tyson’s family than anywhere else on our three-week vacation, I ended up with less pictures there than anywhere else.

Part of that was intentional. I learned long ago not to photograph kids playing soccer because I end up missing much of the game. Nor did I photograph Sydney’s mile race. The camera makes me an observer and not a participant, and I prefer to be part of the game when grandkids are playing.

Unfortunately, despite birding two different days with Logan, I also saw less birds on this trip than I’m used to seeing in Colorado. Still, I got a few shots I liked, like this Mourning Dove,


whose brownish feathers served as the perfect camouflage in the dry fields.

Obviously the Magpie


doesn’t rely on camouflage to survive since its colors stood out against the brown grass.

I’ve often seen Magpies flashing across the road, but this is the first time I’ve managed to capture the pattern of the white feathers in the wing.


Apparently Magpies are as unappreciated in Colorado as crows are in Tacoma, but since I seldom see them I like watching them even more than I like watching my neighborhood crows.