On the Way to Zion

If we hadn’t been on such a tight schedule, I would have loved to spend a day or two exploring the land between Mesa Verde and Zion. Heck, we might spend a week or two visiting the areas on our next trip. There were way too many temptations to pull off the road and take photographs.

We had barely gotten out of Mesa Verde when I spotted this formation right across from the Ute Indian office (which happened to be closed).


We stayed overnight in Page Arizona and headed out for Zion, but I couldn’t resist stopping briefly at the Glen Canyon Dam.


If I had known a little more about the dam I would definitely have taken a shot from the other side of the dam, which is much more dramatic.

If I hadn’t read the sign, I would have thought this was a river, not Lake Powell.


I was fascinated by the sandstone rocks that looked like they must have been sandblasted for centuries.


I finally pulled myself away from the lake, but it was just a few minutes out-of-town when I had to pull over again and grab a shot of this ridgeline which dramatically rose out the middle of the desert.


Next up, Zion and even more dramatic rock formations.