Beauty Takes Many Forms

I’m afraid none of the photographs I took after seeing the grizzly bears and the white wolf will top those earlier shots. Indeed, the grizzly and fox may well have been the highlight of my photographic career. Somehow, though, I managed to continue snapping the shutter on my many cameras throughout the rest of our vacation.

Heck, I enjoyed the antics of this raven that joined onlookers watching the wolf eat the last of her catch. I think it’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to a Raven, and that was a thrill in its own right.


Later, as we were driving towards The Grand Tetons, Leslie told me to pull over and see what the large white bird was floating down the river. It was a beautiful Swan,


which looked as beautiful as it did before I spotted the white wolf.

This Bull Elk standing in the open beside the road


seemed magnificent even as it disappeared into the woods.


Thank goodness beauty takes many forms.