Never underestimate the power of karma. I decided to pull over and let the driver behind me pass. I’d only planned to pause slightly, but when I pulled to the edge of the road Leslie told me to stop and back up.

She had spotted a Grizzly.


Unfortunately, I missed seeing it stand up on its hind legs to peer at us, but I was delighted to photograph it walking away.

It even paused slightly to look at me as I walked up the road. It was just near enough that my 560mm lens nearly filled up the viewfinder and not so close that I worried about not being able to get back to the car if it started heading my way.


No need to worry, though, as it disappeared into its ancient forest after a quick glance.


We got even closer to a grizzly on our way out the next day. It was so close that I kept two or three people between me it.


By the time we arrived there must have been ten or so people out of their cars trying to get a shot. Some even seemed determined to follow it into the woods.

I wasn’t one of those.

I wanted to photograph the animals, not harass them and I still enjoying being alive.