The Grand Tetons

Though I’ll admit I took too many dull pictures of a white wolf chewing on a bone in deep grass and of bison chewing grass that I’ve since deleted, I took more shots of the Grand Tetons than anything else on our visit to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.

Most of these shots consist of three different exposures which were then joined with three or four other sets of multiple exposures into a single picture. All of them look better if you click on them and enlarge them to their largest size, which is still considerably smaller than the originals.

I’m always amazed when the Tetons emerge from a barren, high-desert countryside.


They hardly look like the same mountains a few miles later where the desert begins to give way to pine forests.


They seem even more in tune when seen from the lake,


though that may be because I always associate The Cascades with Puget Sound.

Perhaps they’re best seen from the Jackson Point Overlook,


though I’m partial to this closeup taken in evening light.


If it wasn’t taken as we left the park with a telephoto lens, I might have a hard time believing that this was even one of the Grand Tetons.


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