Ocean Shores, Too

Here’s the final shots from Friday’s trip to Ocean Shores. As I said, each of them is a picture of a bird I’ve never seen before, so there was some thrill in simply seeing the birds, but the fact that the first two were so far away that there was no way I was going to get a decent picture was definitely frustrating, and, to tell you the truth, I didn’t even realize that this

White-Winged Scoter

was a White-Winged Scoter. No I thought it was a Black Scoter until I got the pictures on my computer and realized exactly what it was:

We did go up to try to catch a glimpse of this female King Eider in breeding colors, a rare sighting around here, so I was certainly glad that I managed to get a picture of it

Female King Eider

but was disappointed that it wasn’t much better than it was.

This shot of a Red-Throated Loon in fading breeding colors

Red-Throated Loon

would have been a real thrill if it hadn’t seemed so sickly. It didn’t ever dive and seemed to totally ignore our presence, which isn’t usually a good sign.

Hopefully I’ll come up with some better pictures on my three day trip which I’m leaving on tomorrow. I’ll be birding, but mainly I want to see how well I can sleep and camp out of my car in anticipation of taking some longer birding trips in the fall.

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  1. Thanks so much for your ocean photos! Especially the photo of the unbroken shells. It’s a long long way to the ocean from here. The next best thing is seeing photos from your trips to the ocean.

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