Pt. Defiance Garden

It was raining lightly most of Wednesday and I wasn’t really up to any long trips anyway, so I hung around the house most of the day. After noticing that our dahlia in the front bed was blooming, I decided it would be a good day to check out the Rose Garden/ Dahlia Garden.

There really weren’t many dahlias blooming yet, though this one

Red Dahlia

alone made the trip worthwhile for me as it’s a variety I’ve not seen before.

I was nearly as impressed by the huge Tiger Lilies just outside the Rose Garden Gate:

Tiger Lily

Of course, these are the same flowers I’ve featured for several years now, but seem just as magnificent every time I see them.

Even the borders were gorgeous today, with a huge variety of mixed flowers.

Flower Bed

And, of course, the roses are still in full bloom.

Yellow Rose

If you’re luck enough to live in Tacoma and love flowers, it’s hard to imagine a better time to visit the garden. I actually think it might be easier to capture pictures of the brighter flowers on an overcast day, but I’ll let you judge that for yourself.

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