He-Who-Talks-To-Small-Birds, Too

Things have been a little hectic around here since returning from our trip, a few days have even been dark and dreary for much of the day, but luckily I have my hummingbirds to keep me company.

When it’s sunny, I’ll sit on the front swing for a half hour or so and several hummingbirds will visit. I still haven’t managed to capture a shot of two hummingbirds dive bombing each other, but it must just be a matter of time until I do so.

The hardest part of taking hummingbird photographs is deciding which to delete, since I really don’t want a hard drive full of hummingbird shots. But there are so many good shots that it ends up being difficult to decide which ones to delete.

I kept this one because I’ve never gotten a shot so clear that I could actually see the small feathers pilling up on the bird’s breast,


this one, because of the angle of the tail, and the suggestion of settling comfortably into an easy chair,


and this one because it looks a lot like the one from last year, the one that gave me the name “He-Who-Talks-To-Small-Birds.”

Hummingbird Sitting on Branch

I find the photographs almost as fascinating as the hummingbirds themselves.