Up the Gorge

The Columbia River is a remarkable place, certainly more remarkable than I could ever convey through a series of photographs … but that doesn’t mean I won’t continue to try to do so. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the river is the high cliffs that tower above it.

Here’s a shot from Cape Horn looking eastward.

Cape Horn

At this point the river is still largely forested, but it’s not very far before grasslands, and rocks, dominate the banks.

Columbia Gorge

Further along, Mt. Hood, hundreds of miles away, still stands above the land, providing a startling contrast to this hot, arid land.

Mt. Hood In Distance

Sixty miles up the road, the mountain is still the most obvious landmark, though scab rock has become the dominant land feature.

Looking Back at Mt. Hood

Wind Mills Line The Gorge

At times this land seems timeless, unchanging, unless you check the skyline and realize that Progress has made it’s impression even here.