Thursday at Belfair

Before I picked up Tyson and his family at the airport for an extended 4th of July weekend I managed to sneak in a quick trip to Theler Wetlands. Birding was actually rather poor, limited to the usual Red-Winged Blackbirds and Mallards with accompanying ducklings.

However, I did enjoy watching this Kingfisher fishing,

Kingfisher Diving

even if it was quite a ways away.

I’d resigned myself to taking pictures of flowers, like this newly emerged Coreopsis,


and this red and yellow lily


when I came around the corner of the garden to find a whole flock of Cedar Waxwings eating berries.

I would probably be enthralled with this picture

Cedar Waxwing Easting Berry

if I hadn’t taken an even better picture last year in exactly the same spot.

Luckily, such beauty seems ever new.