A Sunny Day at Ocean Shores

I went with Ruth Sullivan to Ocean Shores Friday to see a rare bird, or at least rare around here, I’d never seen before. Luckily, I did manage to see it and even get a passable shot. I even got another first for the day.

My favorite shots from the day, though, had nothing to do with rare birds or firsts. This one didn’t even involve a bird,

Sea Shell

just a beautiful shell that’s somehow avoided being sharded by nature’s forces.

My other favorites are shots of birds, but rather common birds, birds I’ve photographed numerous times before, like this Heermann’s Gull

Heerman's Gull Floating in Wind

riding the winds on the jetty, or this Killdeer that was obviously trying to lead Ruth and I away from its nest,

Killdeer In Flight

though my favorite shot of the day was this shot an osprey, one of a pair that flew directly over my head several times

Osprey Circling

and then landed in a telephone pole feet away from me.

I’m afraid I’m not too interested in seeing a bird through binocular or a scope if I can’t get a picture of it. I’d rather get a good shot of a robin than a mediocre shot of a female King Eider.

2 thoughts on “A Sunny Day at Ocean Shores”

  1. love the osprey–seems pretty serious. also the still life, yes.thanks for these, kjm

  2. You are far too critical of yourself Loren – these photographs are excellent. Have a good trip – I look forward to more bird photos on your return.

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