A Foggy Morning Walk

Despite a “sunny” forecast, today’s trip to Theler Wetlands in Belfair was shrouded in fog. As is usually the case, I actually saw more birds than normal, like this Great Blue Heron staring out towards the water

Great Blue Heron Standing in Fog

where invisible hunters blasted away at unseen birds

Hunters in Fog

and even seagulls cast a suspicious look at walkers who seemed nearly as annoyed by the blasts as the birds themselves

Seagull in fog

and tried to avoid frightening the few ducks we saw into harm’s way.

Pair of Mallards in Fog

Despite the gunfire, the heavy fog was amazingly peaceful, so peaceful that after the hunters faded back into the fog I found myself focusing on my feet as I walked, a strange carryover from this week’s Yoga instruction.

8 thoughts on “A Foggy Morning Walk”

  1. Loren – these photos are like impressionist paintings – I know what you mean about peaceful – walking in the fog is delightful. Sorry I didn’t comment on your last blog but I find it impossible to get my head around Transcendentalism!

  2. This morning there was fog on Bellingham Bay. Wish I had brought my camera. I like these fog photos, loren.

    Do you know what kind of marsh bird might have a simple slow three-note song, with the last note going down? I keep hearing that at Scudder Pond. Sort of like some kind of dove, but the sound comes from an area thick with cattails.

  3. Sorry. I’ll have to admit that I’m musically challenged, am. Not to mention bird song challenged. I only recognize a few bird calls, despite the fact that I’ve bought several bird “call” cd’s.

  4. mr. webster i worry about you walking through heavy fog while invisible hunters blast away at unseen birds. on the other hand those pictures are beautiful.

  5. It’s okay, jeb, i was a little worried about that blasting away, too, especially since I couldn’t see if they were blasting AWAY from the wetlands. But I I tried to keep Leslie between me and the sounds of the shooting 🙂

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