I Got those Red-White-Blues

It’s Veterans Day here in the U.S.A., and since I’m a Vietnam Veteran, it don’t feel right to totally ignore it, though I’m sorely tempted.

Luckily, the weather’s appropriate. Dark, wet, and windy.

That’s fine with me ‘cuz I ain’t one of those flag-waving, sabre-rattling veterans.

I hated wasting Saturday mornings parading through the desert. Damn sure ain’t attending no red, white and blue parades.

I’m sitting here at home listening to Little Walter play the blues on his harmonica, remembering friends that didn’t come home.

Remembering how the only three Vietnam Veterans at Prairie High School always met out in the parking lot on Veterans Day Assemblies, refusing to glorify war rather than honor the sacrifice all veterans made, especially those who died there.

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Springsteen’s “Born in the USA,” but in my opinion it’s still the best Vietnam rock-song ever. Judging from the comments, not everyone would seem to agree with that opinion. But the most important thing I ever learned from Vietnam was to “Think for Yourself.” And I guess Vietnam was a small price to pay for that.