Hooded Merganser Sequence

I’ve been quite busy doing volunteer work for the Tacoma Audubon society, watching our new High Definition TV, and playing my new Wii. So, it’ll be at least tomorrow before I can get back to Borges.

Luckily, I wanted to post a few more of the pictures I managed to get on Sunday’s trip to Port Orchard. In particular, I liked some shots of one of my favorite ducks, the Hooded Merganser.

For some reason I was able to get quite close to the ducks, much closer than I’m usually able to get when I’ve seen them on lakes. This shot is particularly sharp, especially when seen full screen on my Cinema 24” monitor.

Male Hooded Merganser

While it might be the best “birding” shot, it’s not my favorite, though. I really liked the reflections on this one, even though the Merganser tends to get lost in them,

Hooded Merganser

but my favorite shot from the sequence was this one, perhaps because it’s the first time I’ve ever “seen” what a Hooded Merganser looks like in flight, but also because I loved the patterns created in the water when I panned to get the shot.

Flying Male Hooded Merganser