Snow Geese

Monday’s trip also netted me a first, at least for photos. Though I’ve seen large flocks of Snow Geese in Skagit County, I’ve never managed to get close enough to get a recognizable picture.

When I arrived at Nisqually, I was pleased to see what appeared to be a large flock of Snow Geese in the large field right out from the parking lot. Closer examination, though, revealed that the it was a flock of sea gulls. It wasn’t until I actually started my walk and got closer that I could see that there was two Snow Geese mixed in with the flock of sea gulls.

As you can see from this shot, they seemed to be eating grass in the muddier sections of the field.

Snow Geese In Distance

I sat around taking pictures for nearly twenty minutes, hoping that they would come closer, but they never did. Even when I returned nearly an hour and a half later, they were a long ways away. It wasn’t until I returned to the parking lot, ready to leave that I noticed that they were now eating right next to the sidewalk. Needless to say, I returned for close-ups and I was glad that I did.

Snow Goose

It wasn’t until I looked at the pictures on the computer, though, that I noticed the remarkable saw-toothed beak on this bird.

Snow Goose Beak