Posting Difficulties

It’s been a frustrating few days here at In a Dark Time.

Apparently the server where In a Dark Time resides at my ISP “went rogue” on Wednesday and was down much of the day, making it difficult to upload new material.

Today I received a note saying that I had misidentified a bird on an entry from last year. When I tried to go back and correct the name on the picture, the picture no longer showed up, and despite spending several hours on it and carefully checking all the html, I never could manage to make it show up in the entry.

Later today, I decided that I would post an image of some Red-Breasted Mergansers. Everything seemed to go normally until I actually tried to preview the image. The pictures uploaded smoothly and showed up in the image folder. Unfortunately, they never showed up in entry, no matter how much I tried.

Apparently when my ISP moved my blog to a new server something got changed. I suspect it might be the permissions that have been changed but I haven’t been able to confirm that. I have people working on it, but as of right now I haven’t found a way to post pictures, and it’s unlikely that I’m going to be able to write enough every day to make a post.

As much as I love being able to do all the things I like to do with my computer, I sometimes find it difficult to maintain my “cool” when things like this go wrong and I don’t know enough to solve the problem myself.