Yaquina Head, Newport, Oregon

Leslie and I had barely recovered from Logan’s visit (especially the early-morning trips to the airport and the early start on his fishing trip) when we headed out to visit with his family for a five-day visit at Newport, Oregon.  After 30 years of exploring the Oregon coast, I’d come to believe that there wasn’t a place left that I hadn’t visited, but as it turned out Jen discovered a huge campground I didn’t even know existed. 

The next day we visited the Yaquina Head an area I’ve seen many time from nearby beaches but had no memory of actually visiting.  Turns out the visitors’ center was built by BLM in 1997, about the time we started moving further down the coast to avoid Portland crowds.  I was quite impressed by the site and went back for a second look the next day.

The walk from the visitor’s parking lot to the lighthouse featured hillsides covered with Fireweed.

The Yaquina head juts out into the ocean for nearly a mile and the islands formed by erosion are as striking as any I can remember on the coast.

I was more interested in collecting Agates and other rare stones from nearby beaches than seeing birds when I vacationed here in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, but I was blown away by how many birds I saw on this visit.

We were too late to get on a tour of the lighthouse, but I’ve seen enough of them over the years that I was satisfied to just get a quick shot of it.

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