Naturally We Took Logan to Port Townsend

When I posted yesterday’s post I would have sworn that I had taken Logan down to Ruston the morning after his arrival.  I would have been wrong, which I didn’t realize until I started cleaning up after his departure.  While doing so, I discovered that the SX60H  had pictures taken of our trip to Port Townsend.  The pictures reminded me that I had wanted to have a family outing before he got hooked on fishing.  

Unfortunately, trying to get all the local Williams together seems harder than connecting with the Colorado Websters.  Only Lael was able to join us on our outing, and we had to get back by six so that she could make her swim lessons.  Despite that, everyone seemed to enjoy our trip, beginning with a walk along the beach at Ft Flagler.

I never go to Port Townsend without my birding camera and lens, but I didn’t take them on this trip because I wanted to keep up with the kids (and I didn’t think I’d see any birds).   Much to my surprise, we were greeted by several birds including this Black Oystercatcher.

A Black Oystercatcher is a relatively uncommon bird, but this is the second time  I have encountered one when I was only carrying my SX60H.  I’m wondering if not being prepared is a necessary part of sighting this particular bird.

After lunch and a walk through some of the Port Townsend shops we made a trip to Fort Worden where the kids toured the Marine Science Center. I spent the time looking off the pier and finally sighted the pigeon guillemots that I’ve been reading about since I began visiting the Science Center.

Heck, I even spotted a pair of Purple Martins atop a nesting box, 

something I’d never seen on previous visits.  

Hard to believe I would have forgotten this trip so quickly if I hadn’t taken photos, but I often find myself consulting my blog if I want to find when something has taken place. I sometimes fear that the internet is taking the place of my memory, not to mention my life.