And a Marbled Godwit, Too

I’ve been to Tokeland several times since the new dock was installed and the channel was dredged, and the birding has generally been rather disappointing compared to what it was like before construction.

If the day I was there is any indication, birding my actually be improving.  Right after I discovered the Willet, this Marbled godwit showed  up in nearly the same area. 

Though it’s perhaps the first time I can remember seeing a single Godwit, it seemed to readily find food and stuck around for quite awhile.  I’m not sure what this was in his beak, but it looked like some kind if enormous worm.

He really seemed to be boring into the sand searching for food.  

Although I didn’t manage to get a shot of Pelicans that I thought was worth keeping, a small flock did show up before we left.

All in all, it was a very successful side-trip, and the birding just kept getting better the rest of the day.