We Took Logan to Westport

I expected that all of Logan’s local fishing outings would be merely a prelude to his Westport fishing trip.  Unexpectedly, it turned out that all of my local bird sightings were nothing compared to the two days we spent at Westport.

All I really hoped, and expected, to see on this visit was the Brown Pelicans. Strangely, there wasn’t a one in sight when we started walking out on the Westport Marina, making me wonder if they still hadn’t arrived.  

On our walk back to the parking lot, though, a few stragglers flew over and I managed to get some nice shots of them in bright sunlight.  I liked the lighting in this shot best, 

preferred the wing angle in this shot  but was disappointed in the dull colors, 

and loved this shot showing how long those wings really are (but hated the excessive shadows.)

As expected, overall there were very few birds in the harbor.   The only other bird I saw the first afternoon was this Pigeon Guillemot carrying a small fish in its beak. 

Luckily, the weather was so nice that it was simply impossible to complain about the lack of birds.  With sunshine and temperatures in the mid-70’s, it doesn’t get much better than that at Westport.