Logan Visits Tacoma

Our grandson Logan who is spending the week with us loves all kinds of fishing.  So we  took him down to Owens Beach to fish.

After talking with him for about a half hour I used the occasion to visit the Pt. Defiance Rose Garden and the new Dunes area.  

Despite the recent rain, the roses looked as beautiful as ever.

I was a  little surprised that a few of the Dahlias were also in bloom, though most of them still haven’t bloomed.

The newest attraction at Pt. Defiance is the Dunes area, and I will have to admit that I instantly fell in love with small, but brilliant flower that I can’t remember ever seeing before, even though it is a native flower.

They are particularly striking when mixed with the native grasses that dominate the Dunes area.

If I hadn’t ended up walking five miles in the morning, we would probably have repeated this routine in the afternoon when Logan fished the other end of Owens Beach, but, as it ended up, grandpa spent the afternoon recovering from leg cramps.   It was a pattern to be repeated several times last week.