The Little Things in Life

When Paul took us to Waughop Lake last week, we saw a lot of people fishing which made me think that it might be another good place for Logan to fish.  Logan looked  it up online and decided he would like to fish there.  So, on Friday we took him there and walked while he fished.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t nearly as clear as on our previous visit, and we didn’t even catch a glimpse of Mt. Rainier in the distance.  Still, when you spend three hours in a place you often see things that you wouldn’t see on a quick walk through.

One of my favorite sightings of the day was this juvenile Downy Woodpecker, 

a bird I often catch a glimpse of but seldom get a decent shot of.  Perhaps because it grew up in such a busy place, this one seemed nearly indifferent to our presence.

As  usual in the summer, we heard a lot more birds than we saw but one particular tree seemed to attract more birds than usual.  Most unusual of all, they were clearly visible from the trail I stood on. Spotted Towhees are usually sighted scrambling through the thick underbrush, but this one sat on a tree limb glowering at me.

The Black-Capped Chickadee seemed equally indifferent.

This Orange-Crowned Warbler was shyer, but I’m happy with the shot because I seldom manage a photo even on the rare occasion that I spot one.

Although I was disappointed not to see the Osprey that frequent the lake, both Logan and I considered the day a success.

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