Kiting Laguna de Santa Rosa Trail

Though I’d prefer that every photo I take turn out to be magnificent, the best thing about being dissatisfied with the shots you’ve taken is that you know that, given another chance, you’ll get better shots. After all, the most important belief for any photographer is the belief that their next shot will be their best ever.

The weather gradually improved during our Santa Rosa visit, and our next outing this White-Tailed Kite was awaiting us at the Laguna de Santa Rosa Trail, blending in superbly with the foggy skies.

At least it was bright enough that I could use a faster shutter speed and capture it as if gave me a fly-by

and appeared to be checking me out.

It was even brighter on our way back, but the Kite insisted on keeping the sun to its back so that the white wings appeared to be gray.

I’m convinced raptors purposely swoop down out of the sun to frustrate their paparazzi, though it might have more to do with confusing prey.

Still, one of the three White-Tailed Kites we saw did me a favor and circled around to hunt again, giving me great light.

I felt blessed to see so many Kites on this visit, considering that I’ve only seen one in all my previous visits.

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  1. I have noticed that otters often swim towards the sun when I try to take photos of them. This frustrates me as it presents their shadow side to the camera. I think they like to have the humans in their vicinity well illuminated by the sun and visible as possible. Seems these kites are doing something similar. I often see kites flying in the Laguna Preserve especially in crepuscular hours.

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