Kite Flying

Although the Vermillion Flycatcher we saw earlier on our trip was the only “First” of the trip, I’ve only sighted a Kite very high in the sky before and my shots were marginal at best. So, I was thrilled when we sighted this bird at the beginning of our walk above Bodega Bay


Truthfully, I didn’t have a clue of what it was because the shots I’ve seen of Kites before focused on their underside, not their back.

Unfortunately, the clouds and dark sky necessitated a slow shutter speed so the shots I got weren’t as sharp as I like, particularly when the kite was flying like this.

Amazingly, instead of just flying away, as I would have suspected, the Kite circled back and landed where I had first seen it.

I’m pretty sure this shot

would have been my favorite shot of the day if I’d been able to shoot at a higher shutter speed because it’s really dramatic pose.

As it is, this

was my favorite shot because the Kite’s body, and eyes, are quite sharp even if the motion of the wings causes blur.

Truthfully, I would have been thrilled by the event even if I had managed a single photo. I’m sure I was able to get closer to the Kite because it was foggy and birds are more approachable when it is foggy.