Mice Beware!

Although the Kite was the main attraction on our beach walk north of Bodega Bay, there were many supporting actors. All I know for sure is that I wouldn’t have wanted to be a mouse on that stretch of beach.

This Red-Tailed Hawk didn’t seem too happy with our looking down on it,

but it didn’t have to suffer too long because it was quickly displaced by this Vulture that landed on the same rock while we were standing there.

We didn’t walk too much further before we encountered this Kestrel sitting on an even higher rock.

At first we thought this was either the Kestrel or Red-Tailed Hawk, but its flight pattern quickly revealed that it was neither, but, rather, a Northern Harrier.

Just in case there were scraps left over, there was a pair of Ravens perched on fence posts near the parking area.