More from Santa Rosa

Strangely enough, I might have gotten my best bird shots from the Lake Ralphine parking lot. On our first visit I was greeted by the Acorn Woodpecker I always look for there. On our second visit, we spotted this Red-Shouldered Hawk sitting in the tree often occupied by the Acorn Woodpeckers.

It obviously wasn’t deterred by human visitors because it posed long enough for me to walk around and get another shot from a completely different angle (though I didn’t notice until I processed the shots that the hawk had actually moved to another branch, making it easier for me. I think it must have been posing.)

I suspect the hawk was the reason I didn’t see a single Acorn Woodpecker on our second visit.

I did see this California Scrub Jay holding an acorn in its beak,

but I didn’t notice until I processed the shot that it actually has TWO, not just one acorn in its mouth.