Just North of Bodega Bay

I can’t remember visiting Santa Rosa without going out to the coast, and we weren’t going to let a little rain and clouds stop us this time, either. Jeff took us out to the coast via the Russian River, and we ended up walking a stretch of the coast I’ve never walked before.

Ideally I should have probably brought a different lens for scenics, but I was hoping to see birds, too, so I compromised with my 100-400mm Canon lens. Most of these shots were actually panorama shots consisting of 3 or more shots. I’m always amazed at how well Photoshop reconstructs these, especially when waves are involved.

It would have been nice if it had been a little sunnier, but, after living on the Washington coast for six month, I figure any day on the coast without rain is a great day. There’s definitely a reason one of my favorite Facebook groups is called “fogwalking.”

Not sure why arches like this are so appealing, but they are — perhaps they are doorways to magical kingdoms.

Most of the Washington coast is relatively flat — like Longbeach — so it’s a treat to see these kinds of headlands.

Heck, even the outhouse had a great view of the ocean,

and it’s not often that you get to look down on birds.

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  1. You were very close to one of the best hikes in all Sonoma County: the hike from Shell Beach (just south of Goat Rock where the Arch Rock photos were taken) up to Red Hill. It’s less than six miles, and a climb from sea level to about 800 feet. On a clear day, you’ll get a view up and down the coast and out to sea about 30 miles. If you’re in the area on s bright clear day and up for such a walk, let me know. I’d love to show you.

    1. I suspect that was the hike that the school kids were doing the day we were there. If so, we took the southern part of the hike where I saw Kites, Vultures, Northern Harriers, Kestrel, and Red-Tail Hawks.

      Not sure when we’ll be back but I would love to take you up on the offer if we get a chance.

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