A Flower By Any Other Name

Whenever I’m out birding and birds are scarce, I look for other sources of beauty and am seldom disappointed. Surely it can’t be pure coincidence that when birds tend to fade into the woods in mid-summer that flowers take center stage.

I have no idea what these three flowers are, but not knowing their name didn’t deter me from admiring them.

This yellow flower was growing along the edge of the road in the Colusa National Wildlife Refuge.


This pink beauty was growing next to Spring Lake in Santa Rosa,


as was this purple flower that I originally thought was an aster.


If it is, I’ve never noticed the blue rods emanating from the center of the flower.

Luckily, as Shakespeare noted, a flower without a name is just as beautiful as a flower with a name.

4 thoughts on “A Flower By Any Other Name”

  1. Loren, I’m almost certain the technical scientific names for these, in order of appearance, are: “Yellow flower,” “pink beauty,” and “purple flower.” I know that’s all a mouthful to say, but you’ll have to blame the botanists.

    Lovely shots, by the way…

  2. Can anyone feel down
    When you are looking up , little flowers ???

    Beautiful shots , as always 😊


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