Slowing Down

As things return to normal here, I have the time to notice the little things that make life pleasant, if not exciting. The Summer doldrums have definitely begun at Theler Wetlands, and you generally have to hunt to find birds.

If you look hard, though, you can find juvenile Song Sparrows hopping from reed to reed.


Stand still long enough looking for one bird, and another bird may suddenly confront you.


Follow the familiar chirp of a Black-Capped Chickadee and you may find it stealing the prey of a spider.


Look carefully enough, and you may even find a Wilson’s Warbler hiding nearly invisibly behind sunlit leaves.


When even songbirds become scarce, you can always lower your expectations and take shots of the small flowers that bloom in the deep shade of the forest in late summer, like this orange flower


or these purple and yellow flowers


both considerably smaller than they seem here, unless you’re viewing this on your mobile device.