Almost Live, Finally

Noticed how often I’ve been posting lately? When you post that often you get caught up. This post’s shots were taken last Sunday which is probably as close as I’m ever going to get to going “live” on this blog.

Any writer who urges you to “live in the moment” is either a fool or a hypocrite. The very act of reflecting on your life requires you to live in the past. The only bloggers living in the moment are those who paste shots of the meal they’re about to eat or fuzzy pictures of themselves on the beach on their site.

It takes time to sort through pictures and select those worth posting, not to mention the time needed to crop and bring out the best in them. The only time I spend living in the moment is the time I spend out in nature taking pictures.

Speaking of time, the birds are telling me that Summer is coming to an end and Fall is upon us, no matter what the calendar might say. We have seen the beginnings of the Fall Migration for a couple of weeks now, but even more so this weekend.

The Killdeer who have been around all summer are being joined by Western Sandpipers passing through on their way South.


It’s hard to believe that birds this small


migrate from Northern Alaska to the South America. No wonder they are constantly feeding when we see them here.

Sunday was the first time we’ve seen Short-Billed Dowitchers


at Theler since Spring.

Time to get to the beach to see the full migration, especially since I missed the Spring migration to get to Bear River in Utah.