Mira Likes the SX60HS, too.

I found another use for my Canon SX60HS on our recent trip to Santa Rosa. Mira wanted to take pictures two of the days we were there, and she definitely wanted to use the SX60HS.


I wanted to visit the local cemetery because a lot of birds were reported being sighted there. Leslie and the grandkids wanted to go, too, so we ended up visiting the cemetery and not birding.

Mira took a considerable number of shots that she “liked,” so I chose a few from those to feature here.

There were lots of flowers on gravestones.


This one was an unusual combination of flowers, though.

There was also an infinite number of tombstones to choose from, but this one stood out to me.


After our walk through the cemetery, we walked up the road to Santa Rosa’s famous McDonald House.


Leslie wanted to show the grandkids where Pollyanna was filmed, probably so she could entice them to watch it with her that night.

Mira got up early the next morning to go birding with me. My favorite shot from the day was this one a swan preening itself.


This shot of a squirrel eating an acorn was definitely Mira’s favorite, though.


Mira and I rewarded ourselves for our early 4-mile walk by having breakfast at IHOP.