Everyday Beauty

When looking at the past, it is easy to remember the highlights while forgetting everyday life. I had almost forgotten this visitor. Mira and Lael were downstairs playing with the Wii when they called me down to see a visitor, a Wilson’s Warbler that seemed to want to join them in their play.


I was amazed that it didn’t immediately fly off when I went outside to get a better shot of it.


Another day I interrupted my walk to take pictures in the Pt. Defiance Rose Garden. This Tiger Swallowtail


flitted back and forth between flowers just as I did.

Hundreds of roses were in bloom, but these were my favorites


perhaps because they are the closest to the wild roses I see in Belfair.

I really love the lilies that are just outside the Rose Garden, one of the few flowers that deer apparently won’t eat.


And, my personal favorite, the dahlias were also beginning to blossom. I wondered if this were a new variety this year


since I didn’t remember photographing it in the past.

Visitors and trips to special places may stand out most in our memory, but it’s still the daily beauty that sustains us.