Beyond Words

As soon as I see wildflowers starting to bloom on my hikes, I head to the Rhododendron Garden in Pt. Defiance Park. Although not as spectacular as the Weyerhaeuser rhododendron garden, it is a lot closer and nearly as beautiful in its own way. I’m sure the Garden of Eden must have looked a lot like our rhododendron garden.

If you doubt that, just look at a few examples from a recent visit.






Luckily, such beauty transcends words.

2 thoughts on “Beyond Words”

  1. I have my special place to see the ‘rhodies’ here along the Sonoma Coast. Typically we’ve spent Mother’s Day there but went to the beach instead this year . . . thanks for the reminder to put this on my calendar for the week ; ) Beautiful images . . . what are you using to create the canvas effect on the last photograph?

    1. I use a program called ON1 Photo 10 that includes various “Textures,” which I use more often than most people probably recognize. This one is called “paper.”

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