A Quick Stop at Bear River

Usually I try to free up two to three weeks when I visit Tyson and his family in Colorado since its so far to drive. That’s how I’ve managed to finally visit places in New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming that I’ve always wanted to visit. We couldn’t spend that much time this visit, but that doesn’t mean that I was going to just drive past the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge without stopping, certainly not this time of year. In fact, we managed to visit it for two to three hours on our way there and two more times on our way home.

We managed to sight four different birds we never see in the Pacific Northwest before we even got to the official drive-through tour. It would have been hard to miss this Western Kingbird which repeatedly flew up and back to its barb-wire perch hunting insects.


It would have been even harder to ignore this Meadowlark blasting out its distinctive song.


It would have been easy to miss this Curlew, but since it’s one of the few places where I’ve ever seen them regularly I kept a close look out and spotted several of them,


while Leslie spotted this Pheasant, a bird she loves to see.


And these weren’t even the birds we had come here to see; those were to come a little later. It proved to be a great break in the middle of a long journey.