Ducks with Attitude

When we left this male the night before he seemed content to sit next to his female and watch the world drive by; in other words, he seemed as content as all the other Cinnamon Teal couples we observed as we drove around the refuge. So, I was more than a little surprised when I stopped to take another shot of him the next morning as we left and he suddenly rushed out into the water, quacking up a storm.


It was several moments before I glimpsed the sight of another male Cinnamon Teal just inside the camera frame.


The fellow was obviously just letting a rival know that this chick was his,


a common event in the crowded world of wildlife refuges.

I expected the other male, especially since it seemed considerably smaller would simply fly away as most ducks do when confronted. Apparently, it didn’t like being bullied, and they spent several minutes chasing each other in small circles,


quacking loudly the whole time.


The action was so fast and furious that even my camera couldn’t keep the squabble in focus.


It finally ended up with both males flying around


and only one returning. To tell you the truth, by then I really wasn’t sure if the original male had driven the other one away, or vice versa.