I sometimes forget that the first pictures I ever posted to this blog were pictures of flowers, especially flowers from Pt Defiance Park, which is just down the street from where I live. Of course, that was before I had taken up birding and invested so heavily in camera equipment particularly suited to birding, not taking closeups of flowers.

Last year’s purchase of a 100-400mm zoom lens, though, made it easy to shift from taking pictures of birds to closeups of flowers. I bought the lens with Theler Wetlands in mind because it’s a great place to get shots of birds and flowers. And there’s never been a better time to focus on flowers because this has been a great Spring for tree blossoms because it’s been extra warm and we’ve had very little rain.

Unfortunately, except for the plum-tree in my backyard I can’t tell cherry blossoms from plum blossoms from apple blossoms. Luckily, I can still tell white blossoms from pink blossoms, and the white blossoms seemed to come first.


But before long the pinkish buds began to reveal their full beauty,


though I found the contrast between the pinks and whites hard to capture.


The wild roses quickly followed our three record-setting 80 degree days,


and so did the wild iris.


Nothing quite like being surrounded by beauty


and birds all day.