Soccer in Colorado

If it seems like I’ve been a little quiet around here lately, it would be because I’ve just gotten back from an eight-day trip to Broomfield, Colorado to visit Tyson and his family. Although I’m not nearly as fond of soccer as all our kids and grandkids, I did time this trip so that I could see all three kids play soccer games while I was there.

After Logan and I went birding on Saturday morning, I tried to get some shots of him playing soccer. This one, after a little touch-up,


was my favorite of the day (except for the shot of the Blue Jay we saw before the game.)

We couldn’t manage to get to Zoe’s game Saturday, but we did manage to see her game Sunday. She’s wickedly fast, and it was fun watching her sprint past opponents, even though the game ended in a tie.


Sydney’s game followed immediately after Zoe’s game. It was cold and wet, and the girls warmed up right before kickoff by dancing a little jig.


The game ended early when storm warnings went off the last five minutes of the game, but it ended up being the only win of the weekend for our teams.

In a sign of Colorado’s fickle weather, Sydney’s second game, a few hours later, went off on time. It was nice seeing Sydney show some aggression on the field,


something I hadn’t seen in earlier years.

Although we were only there for four days, we managed to pack a lot in those days. I’m already looking forward to a longer Fall visit.