How I Spent my 4th, and 3rd

It’s the 4th of July and I can hear Tacoma’s fireworks resounding in the background as I type this entry. I had my 4th of July yesterday and have been perfectly content to spend the day quietly, once the three boys who stayed overnight were picked up by their parents at 10:00 this morning.

We spent most of yesterday at Cory and Margaret’s, with lots of boating and eating. Cory started the activities by showing Logan how to paddle

Cory and Logan Kayaking

and then took nearly all the kids out in the boat for a spin.

Cory and Kids on Boat

Meanwhile Tyson took Sydney out in the kayak

Tyson and Sydney Kayaking

while grandpa sat on the shore enjoying the sunshine and relative quiet.

After dinner they decided it was too quiet and decided to have a preview of tonight’s fireworks,


which had a decidedly mixed reaction with Sidney and Zoe retreating to the house while six-year-old Logan was most upset that his mother wouldn’t allow him to hold a rocket launcher.

While kids and their families spent the day at the beach watching pole vault exhibitions, air shows and fireworks, Leslie and I were content to sit at home and watch the Mariners take their second straight game from the Boston Red Sox and eat a quiet dinner on the deck.

We capped the night by babysitting Sydney who was too tired to stay up for tonight’s fireworks and watched Nemo. Just the right amount of excitement for me!

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