Swallows at Theler

If you’ve visited over the years you’ve undoubtably noticed that I love taking pictures of the swallows at Belair. Of course, I just plain love swallows, whether they’re flying in front of my house or swooping past as I trek Nisqually. For some reason, though, I’ve never had particularly good luck photographing them except at Belfair, where they seem to have a penchant for sitting on railings, whether on the boardwalk railing on the southern end of the refuge, the only place I’ve found Violet-Green Swallows,

Violet-Green Swallow

or the bridge railing at the northern end of the refuge, where you’re most apt to find barn swallows.

Barn Swallow

I’ve read that swallows often mate mid-air. That may be true, but this pair of tree swallows seemed to prefer solid ground, or at least a boardwalk railing. I wonder if that’s why I often find multiple pairs of birds perched on the railing and largely indifferent to my camera?

Male and Female Tree Sparrow

4 thoughts on “Swallows at Theler”

  1. Thanks, daringtowrite. This is the first time I’ve managed to get a good shot of the Violet-Green Swallow.

  2. loren, three days away and i return to find a bounty of great photos. the loon, ah the loon. and swallows, i so often see them as the mystery (like am’s swallows in fog). this is another view altogether. violet green, maybe, but that white, wow. kjm

  3. Wonderful pictures. Am catching up with your latest photography – gorgeous flowers in the previous one and enjoyed the ducks and seabirds too.

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