A Few Roses and Much More

Today’s forecast called for rain and the dark, looming clouds seemed to indicate it was spot on, but it never rained. Mid-afternoon I decided to go to Pt. Defiance Park and see what was in bloom.

There were only three roses in bloom, but I couldn’t resist taking pictures of two of the three, this orange beauty

Orange Rose

and a classic pink rose.

Pink Rose

Summer’s obviously not here yet, but the gardens were still delightful, with rhododendrons still dominating the landscape as they always do in Spring here.

It’s time to visit the Iris Garden if you want to see them this year. Almost all were in bloom, and several have already faded in the weekend’s heat. Though not as flashy as the regular Iris, my favorite is still the Siberian Iris, with their delicate blossom.

Purple Siberian Iris

The park’s Cala Lily are month’s ahead of mine, and they, too, are in full bloom.

Cala Lily

If that’s not enough to convince you to visit, the parks gardeners were busy planting annuals for immediate color as I left.

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