You Light My Fire

After Wednesday’s downpour I wasn’t going to miss the chance to get out in Thursday’s sunshine, as it provided the perfect opportunity to check out the Point Defiance Rhododendron Garden. And, though I’m still amazed out how far it is behind the Weyerhaeuser Rhododendron Gardens, many of the Rhodies are in bloom now, even if they’re looking a little bedraggled because of the rain.

Except for runners passing through, I had the garden to myself for my hour and a half visit, unless you count the birds and bees

Bee on Rhododendron

who seemed more attracted to the white and soft pink rhodies than to the Naomi Pink Glow

Rhododendron Pink Glow

or the brilliant red rhodies

Red Rhododendron

that lit up the forest surrounding them.

Red Rhododendron in Forest