Snow Goose and Friends

I’ve been hearing about the Snow Goose at Belfair for several weeks now, but I’ve never seen it before Friday. When I finally found it, I spent several minutes taking different shots, all the time focusing on the snow goose.

After I got home and had time to think, I wondered if he knew that around here Canada Geese don’t migrate; they’re year-round residents. Will the Snow Goose become a year-round resident himself, or will something deep down inside finally call him to leave?

As I looked critically at the photographs to decide which to delete and which to use here, I looked at the two Canada Geese in the background, only to note that one of them doesn’t look like any Canada Goose I’ve ever seen, with its brown head and white feathers around the beak.

Snow Goose with Friends

I remember thinking it a bit strange that the Canada Geese would let the Snow Goose hang around, since they were definitely letting other Canada Geese know in no uncertain terms that this was their stretch of beach. Usually when geese pair up they don’t want anything else near their nesting site, much less another goose. Now I don’t know what to think.

And I’m kinda enjoying that feeling.

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