Three Birds

Although birding wasn’t spectacular Sunday and I didn’t see anything new, or even the songbirds that I’d hoped to see, I did manage to get my first duckling picture of ’09, a picture of a Mallard with one of her twelve ducklings:

Mallard with Duckling

I would have had to had a really wide angle lens to get her and all of her ducklings at the same time.

As I noted before, it finally turned sunny when we’d almost finished our walk, just in time to get a picture of this male Goldfinch,

male Goldfinch

a much better shot than I’ve managed to get of the many that have been visiting my feeder recently.

Of course, I also walked out on the pier to watch the swallows, my favorite reason to go to Belfair this time of year. It’s the only place I know where you can almost touch them if you’re patient enough,

Barn Swallow

and if there’s anything I’ve learned from birding the last five years it is patience.