Those who’ve been visiting for a while will probably remember my fascination with Cormorants, a bird that’s apparently widely reviled. I haven’t seen many this summer, but they finally seem to be returning in larger numbers. I caught this picture at Steilacoom,


and was struck by the complex pattern of the wing-feathers.

4 thoughts on “Cormorant”

  1. Quite right – the pattern on those wing feathers is both complex and beautiful Loren. We see these birds all the time but rarely get a chance to look at them in such detail.

  2. Beautiful! I love cormorants. We used to watch them fishing off the coast in New Hampshire – trying to predict where they’d come up next after diving down. They can be spooky looking as they dry their feathers off (though this one isn’t) – the illustrator of the macabre, Edward Gorey like to depict them like that.

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