Ridgefield Raptors

Although the large number of Great Blue Herons was the first thing that caught my attention at Ridgefield Tuesday, the more I drove around the more I noticed how many raptors there were, particularly Red-Tailed hawks.

The first one I shot grabbed my attention because of the glow of the winter sun reflecting off his feathers and tail:

Red-Tailed Hawk In Tree

Of course, it was hard to ignore this Red-Tailed Hawk sitting mere feet away from the road, apparently oblivious, if downright disdainful of humans sitting in their cars:

Hawk On Stump

But there was also a considerable number of Red-Tailed Hawks sitting in the open fields.

Hawk On Ground

And if you looked hard enough, you could even find a Northern Harrier or two, or three.

Harrier On Ground

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