Writer’s Block

I was trying to post every day in November, but I hit a roadblock on the Friday after Thanksgiving when I tried to write a response to the death of the New York Walmart employee in the early-morning rush to make sure they got the bargain of the day.

Unfortunately, everything I tried to write (over several days) sounded too sanctimonious, too pretentious, or just plain didactic. I’m pretty sure I’ve sounded that way before to various readers, and I’ve definitely sounded that way to my high school students.

But when I sounded that way to myself, I just couldn’t push the “Publish Now” button. So you’ve been spared another Emersonian lecture.

Unfortunately, the weather has turned into a photographer’s nightmare around here. There wasn’t a decent day in the four-day weekend. I was determined to get out today, but it was either foggy or raining all day long, not even a half hour sun break so I get down to the boathouse.

Until something breaks, posting will be light around here as I make Christmas cookies, go to Yoga and Tai Chi classes, and take Skye for a walk in the rain. Oh, and play Mario Kart on the Wii, trying to improve my consistently last-place finish.