It’s Cold Inside

It’s been a tough week around here. First, my back has started acting up, though not nearly as bad as when I ended up on crutches for several weeks. I think it has something to do with sitting around too much during the wet season and not getting in enough yard work, walking, etc. Anyway it has limited the amount of time I’m able to sit around and read and the time that I can spend on the computer.

Life got considerably worse on Friday when the furnace that we’ve already had repaired earlier this Fall decided to quit, on the verge of a “30 year” cold spell. We’ve been using small space heaters to keep “warm,” but warm is definitely a relative thing. It turns out that 56 degrees is really too cold to be comfortable while sitting down watching TV.

Hopefully a new furnace will be installed today. We’ve learned that the “green” option in gas furnaces is definitely the most expensive. We could have gotten a basic furnace for $2,500 but the high efficiency furnace, with electrostatic air cleaner will cost us nearly $6,000, but will make us eligible for $550 in rebate, which explains why more people haven’t made these switches. Luckily, we have the money in savings, but coming right on top of a new roof Christmas will be a little tighter than usual.

To add insult to injury, I typed this up yesterday and for some reason it just plain disappeared and never got published.

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