A Sunny Day at Nisqually

It wasn’t great birding at Nisqually today, but it was a great day. All the Pacific Northwest rain ensures that any sunny day, particularly a sunny day in late fall, is a great day to be out walking and enjoying nature.

My best shot of the day was probably a shot of an American Bittern, but since it wasn’t as good as last week’s shot, I thought I’d go with some shots of small songbirds, like this shot of a female Purple Finch,

female Purple Finch

this shot of a Gold Crowned Sparrow,

Gold Crowned Sparrow

and an Oregon Junco,

Oregon Junco

the only birds that weren’t gun-shy, probably with good reason since there was obviously a duck hunter blasting away on McAllister Creek, while bursts of machine-gun fire drifted across the Nisqually river from Fort Lewis.

I ended the day by talking photography with David Berg and Jared O’Conner. All in all, it was a great day.